Beta Glucan: Nature’s Secret, 1st Edition, Written by Vaclav Vetvicka, Ph.D.


First Edition

Dr. Vetvicka, at the School of Medicine in Louisville, Kentucky, has written numerous articles based on well-documented scientific studies revealing how beta glucan enables the immune system to fortify over the invasion of detrimental cells to the body.

Specific reference is made to its effect on blood sugar, cancer and the flu. He now compiles years of these studies in his book allowing the public to gain in-depth knowledge of how these results were obtained. The history and foremost origins of glucans are comprehensively presented, and emphasis on how the use of this natural remedy is vital in our ever-changing environment. The body’s ability to combat old and newly-developing diseases is becoming one of the biggest challenges we, as a society, have today. Discover how beta glucan can be a ‘solution’ to overcoming these challenges.
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